Sure, I’d love to go!, Of course I am Going to Cancel On You!

One of the greatest complaints about is, from significant others, schools, courts, and friends, is our ability to either cancel our plans or not show at all. We can orchestrate these monumental events, and at the very last minute cancel them. This does not mean we will not change our mind again, as many times … Continue reading Sure, I’d love to go!, Of course I am Going to Cancel On You!

My Alters Are Not Crazy, I Am

For as many years as we can remember, the feeling like we were very different, was always there. Maybe not the conscience knowledge of a particular issue, but the unthought-known, something was certainly "special" about us. The almost predictable ridicule and bullying we experienced though our early years, till our post adolescent years, was certainly … Continue reading My Alters Are Not Crazy, I Am

Fear of Expressing Needs

Perhaps the most difficult thing for us, and we believe many others like us; is the ability to express our desires.  A most basic human need and function.  Without expressing our desires, we rarely are able to satisfy our existentiality.  One of the fundamentals of being human, is our individuality.  Our desires are not just whims, to be catered … Continue reading Fear of Expressing Needs

The Sanity of Madness

Good Day everyone!   We have been gone for a bit.  Things have been very rocky the last few weeks since Gene passed.  The alter reunion tour has been charging on whether they  needed to or not!  We hae been learning a lot about not only ourselves, but our current IRL family.  More importantly how the … Continue reading The Sanity of Madness

Blaming the Mentally Ill

Nothing has come to anger us more in life, than the shrugging of personal accountability. We have found it is those whom most want to cover their own like in the sand that place blame on the most vulnerable. Recently we responded to a post on a professional platform about homelessness in America. The post … Continue reading Blaming the Mentally Ill