Welcome To The Roller Coaster!

this blog simply put is an unrehearsed, unscripted and uncensored look into my life.  This cannot be classified in a single genre, this has more dimensions than you can imagine.  As a matter of fact, I can promise you will see that there is much more to someone that you can see.  In this case the reality exceeds the boundries of conventional thought.


I have struggled my entire life with self image.  I know this sounds “corny”, for lack of a better term.  However looking back it is completely true, but we will return to that later.  For now, lets simply look at the blog for a minute, kind of a psycho meet and greet if you have it!

My name is Kevin Lawrence Painter Sr.  I am a 46 year old husband and father of six beautiful girls, and a wife nomad tammy Renee!  My daughters range in age from 5 to 23!  and yes there is a boy, Kevin Painter Jr!  We will return to the specifics as we go.

I am writing this as it comes to me.  Errors and twerks will NOT be edited later for form and content!  I will not adjust the story to fit your screen!  However, if you have ever seen theist.  He shoots straight and hits hard. Twilight Zone or Outer Limts, then you know the drill!  Otherwise do not adjust your television set(mobile device lol) and strap in, here is the breakdown :

Kevin, the main dude, We think!  This is supposedly who the body belongs to or the “Host”

  • Dude ro just “D”
    • a middle aged pothead who’s only focus is to try and organize the chaos and stay high most of the time.  Pretty laid back and level headed.
  • Jeff
    • late teens pothead.  Total Stoner in moist regards.  interest include Southpark, Family Guy and Harold and Kumar.  he is an idiot!  But he’s super cool and easy going.
  • Pat
    • Pat is an older middle aged man, drinks Miller High Life and eats as much meat and garbage as he can find.  Likes to fight, a bit of an asshole, one of the old. Shoots straight and doesnt sugar coat anything
  • Spooky
    • Spooky is a high school kid with a huge depression and anger thing going on.  wears nail polish and listens to Manson.  Talks about death and dying all the time.
  • There are several others that we will discuss as time goes on.  I am still learning about many of them, so as I learn so will you.


So now you have the basic starting line up and the premise, lets get into this.

I NEED YOU THE READERS TO HELP ME!  Since at times “I, Kevin will be writing this, so ill the alters if they remember and I will help that!   If you have questions for them, Tammy, or my kiddos feel freee to ask.  They will all have individual mailboxes for you to ask questions.  There is so little out there for DID/cPTSD/BPD people that is more than just rehashed wiki, or BS from the who think they understand its sickening.  Lets get teh truth out there about all of us!  Spread the word!  Tell your Friends….ALL OF THEM!  We want this to be a place where we can all come together and grow,  Make this site about all of us!  Let me know what you want to see or don’t!  Alters have opinions, I want to hear all of them !


See you soon!



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