The Big Lifestyle Change……

Good Morning, its 0430 agin and as usual I am wide frekin awake! I am getting used to this now.  So, the big shift in lifestyle,what was it?  Simply put I have been too fat for too long.  One of my neighbors had told me her father had been on insulin and basically homebound for sometime.  he began eating a plant based diet and began to be ablate reduce or otherwise all together quit taking his insulin in most days.  This is pretty awesome.  I have been plagued with borderline sugar levels, cholesterol issues, thyroid problems, and yes, I was at one time 412 pounds!!!  I will include some photos for you to see the photo evidence!!  When I had my first back surgery I killed myself essentially starving myself for 6 months and all I could lose was just under 100lbs!  about 40kg.  So, I had to find a way to not really lose weight, but get the rest of my body happy again!  I was taking over 200 different meds a day and felt iek the walking dead!

So, I adopted the vegan and whole plant lifestyle;e just to see a few things…1. does it work to reduce my drug intakes 2. will it help my heeakth. 3, will I lose some weight…

I have and am losing weight, down to a 46 from a 60 waist in two months!  havent measured lately since ally clothes won’t stay on now!  I eat the vegan way primarily!  The doctor wants me to give up all oils too and coconut oil.  I am trying!  But the real great thing here is this….I have energy again….I feel good again…..I TAKE NO MEDICATIOS OF ANY KIND OTHER THAN MY INHALERS FOR ASTHMA!

Now fo the kicker, I was on the following list of meds for years:  Oxycodone, Dilaudid, fentanyl, Lyrica, baclofen, vicodin, synthroid, Statins, Vitamin D supplement, lasix, testosterone, Celebrex,  adderall,  valium, phentermine, and a few others here and there.

When I quit taking the drugs, which I did all at once and cold turkey,  That is when I started to really notice the alters coming out again.  I had completely forgotten about their existence again.  I had dreams, about these things!  I never thought they were real!  I had been in therapy because I FELT crazy!  There is no better way to describe it.

Now that I am embracing both my alters and drug fee, animal product free lifestyle,  I am beginning to learn that the reason I have had all these issues for most of if not all of my life was because I couldn’t accept my alters!   Now I have began to embrace them as best I can, allowing them to be as individual as they need to be and allowing the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings just as anyone else would.  This is helping.  If I try to keep them down, it gets uncontrollable and things get weird fast.

So picture time….here is me before and after I quit eating animals and their products…I don’t even eat honey now. 😦


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