Chaos Abounds! HELP PLEASE!!

What a day!  I have been struggiling all day with frustration and stuff.  Everybody wants their damn way and I only have one body to go around!  Top this off with trying to get everything doen today thats been getting left behind, and its a recipie fro a breakdown!  Kevin is always wanting out lately and it keeps me from getting the ABS taken care of.  Then everybody gets pissed when the lights go out or shit doesnt get paid!  LOL  Oh well.  Now I am trying to take some time to get shit done and everyone has demands of my time, which is limited of late!


Jessie still hides in her room from us, and tessa is gone for the week.  I cannot make the needed trip nirth I wanted to this week to relax, but oh well….. On the good note, Kevin may have a job in an IT firm, selling managed IT platforms to Enterprise Oil and Gas Clients!  We can kive anywhere in the West and still make this happen.  Its a back on the road job and thats great for us!  Lovely airports, anonymous and friendly for the frequesnt traveller!

SO, we have noticed that none of you are leaving comments and following the blog!  LOL  thats cool, were pputting some butons in to help you!  Also, PLEASE leve vomments and questions. Kevin and all of us are eager to meet folks like us!  The family is too!  We have som many questions about things and really need more help than the bullshit canned answers from the WEB!

I have several struggles on a day to day basis… Here they are not in any order:  Absolutely the worst memory in History,  My entire life!  My wife has a checklist for me when I leave the house!  Keys, Pants, etc!  Looking for odd nail polish and makeup!  I went to work in Goth Makeup one day and didnt realize it!  And yes, I am a man!, 2. The uncontrolable changing!, 3.  Trying to accept what is happening to me is real??, This has been going on as long back as I can rememeber, however it want till recently that things just broke through and it wouldnt stay hidden anymore!


I think the worst thing is the damage path that the alters ahve left behind them.  I have lost many good opportunites, and we will always regret this.  All of the alters have a hand in how things play out!  When I appear indecisive, its because the aoters are having an arguement and I cannot figure out what to do!  They will yell and scream and then Kevin steps in sometimes, but its a mess in there at times.  At least now I have an explanation for the past behaviors.  It really did drive me crazzy!!!


Please comment, ask questions, author some posts!  Lets have some fun!   I have been eating a plant based meal plan and feel awesome….NO MEDS  YEAH!  NORMAL LABS!  Also having an Alter Reuinion Frat Party!!!  I do have an alter tha will not respect the vegan rule….thats annoying!  Do any of you?????

One thought on “Chaos Abounds! HELP PLEASE!!

  1. Yes honey you can drive me crazy with your indecisive behavior. But I love ❤️ you. You are sometimes hard to keep up with. You lose everything several times a day. Most of the time I am good with you but there are days your alters come out pist off because they think your feelings scared or hurt. Sometimes you are feeling hurt but no reason for them to come out fighting. I would like to see them when they come out and see me or the kids to ask questions first. They have to help make this relationship to last especially since they are out more than you sometimes.


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