Great Interview Today!

I had an interview this morning with an IT company. This is my first attempt to break into the lucrative and technology driven market. I truly love technology, I am after all a Star Wars Nerd! The real ones, not the Disney stuff!

I had no idea they would call me with such an UN-IT CV. Sure enough I got the call and now had a great interview. On to meet the CEO later this week. I am truly stoked. The premise of being able to securely get out of the oil and gas drilling markets is great. I will still be however on a side populated by folks a bit more open minded and educated. I know I sound snobby here, but a ignorance is not an excuse to be an asshole. In any regards.

So, I am petrified now about the face to face. Not sure if this will be in California or here locally. I’m waiting on logistics now. I held it together during the last few minutes of the phone interview, but had to reel in the crazy it felt like. I didn’t even want to be here for this but got stuck with it! Why have alters if they leave you hanging ???

Has anyone else had preinterview jitters about the crazy? Is there anyone whose employers know and still let them stay on? Thanks. Kevin!!

One thought on “Great Interview Today!

  1. Here’s my take. I once worked in IT and I loved the job. If you know your stuff, have a plan for where you want to be five or ten years and behave professionally you’ll be fine. From my experience employers want low maintenance performance minded employees. This gets to the crazy; we have laws in the U.S. against discrimination against the disabled but without enforcement they’re useless. Sadly, much of the ADA is specifically designed to protect people with physical disabilities. There is still a horrific stigma attached to mental illness and the reality DID is even more stigmatized because of the way it’s presented in the media.

    Short answer is this: Don’t tell your employers unless you absolutely must. Be open and honest but to the best of my knowledge are not legally required to reveal your DID.

    That said; you are more familiar with your life than I am. What is true for me may not apply.

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