Hell and Back, all in a day…Less!

it seems that as much as we try to get it together, Murphys law will ALWAYS prevail!  have you ever known now fo those people that it seems their plans remain, their plans!!!???  I know, irritating as hell isn’t it!

I would be happy if I cold manage to have a single day go as planned!  Today was absolutely no different….

Yesterday, as some of you will recall, I had a dynamite interview…or so I thought!  It seems hat having a blog is actually detrimental to your job search!  I wake up this morning, kids are all happy, Tammy is happy, oh shit!  I am happy too!  WTF is up with this??  I knew the sky had to fall, to use words of another fellow friend!


Sure enough I received an email from the headhunter, and instead of teh CEO being anxious to meet me, its a were passing on your resume.  This after only a few short overnight hours after the interview.  WOW. and so begins the deluge of emotional bullshit fo the day!

Also on this day IO am scheduled to see a therapist that has had a bad encounter with one of the alters.  This at the time was unknown to her, until he got in her face and scared the shit out of her for getting too close to the truth.   This is when we all came out of the closet so to speak!  Nervous as hell, we went to his appointment.  This appointment was to actually try and assess the situation, as this therapist although she didn’t see it right away,  really gives a shit.  That means more to me than experience!  I have no experience at being this crazy either, so I guess we will make it up as we go along!

I am happy that I went, she was actually ready and willing take this on.  She really is a caring person and I think that makes all the difference to me.


I will let y’all know how this goes,…….k

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