So. It finally died.

So, Gene, my father, out sperm donating POS father finally died last night.  We still don’t believe it!  We’re going to see the body!

on top of all this,  he can’t even have the decency to handle his affairs properly.   I am the next of kin and he didn’t marry the Whore he was living with after he murdered my mother.   So now,  they want to cremate him and I. I!!!! Have to sign off and tealease the body!   They keep talking about how short life is and how he will be missed and how it was his wishes to be cremated!   I told them he is burning NOW! And forever if there is a god!

So we’re going to just let god ass sit in the fridge till we can process this   For the first time in our life WE have some control over our affairs regarding the bastard   We day he sits in the fridge!  Fuck his wishes!!!!


3 thoughts on “So. It finally died.

  1. My dad went through something similar with his dad. Bastard abused dad n abandoned him (and all the other random kids he aired) so when he died we do.ply LEFT HIM in city morgue. If you do that eventually they become city property and land in potter’s field. I believe dad’s dad ended up a specimen for the ADAM HUMAN type thing.

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    1. Thank you! My brother doesn’t seem to be but he didn’t go through the hell either. Now, it’s family is livid with us because I won’t release the body. To hell with them. My brother and I decided to go up in a couple of weeks and tend to everything when we could. Not like he’s getting any sicker.

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