What to do with the Body???

Wow, ok so here we go…  This is a complete mess!  The fathers body sin cold storage, and I am the next of kin!! REALLY!! Are we the only ones that see the irony in this?  So his new girlfriend wanted to cremate him right away…I also found out that the body was NEVER examined by a physician.  The physician OKd the order by phone and today thought he had died in a hospital??!!  WTF?  Everyone keeps telling me that Pat, the new GF was taking care of him and she told me she was the one that was there when he died, and she wasn’t even the one who called it in!! The call came early in the morning, not in the evening like I was told, and the call didn’t come from the residence, it came from a home health agency!!!  So who’s story is accurate?


So what to do.. I now have for the first time a shard of control over him, not that I wanted this but I may enjoy for a bit!  Is that wrong?  I want to see his body.   I want to make sure its really him and really gone!  he is on ice at the moment.  He isn’t getting any older at least!.

I ned help from the few of you that read this.  Please tele what you would do…Would you let them burn him, even though you know its against his wishes and she’s just trying to be cheap,  or do the inquiry and to hell with what any of them want and just get the truth out!


What the hell do y’all think??????

8 thoughts on “What to do with the Body???

    1. Thanks. We’re having a rough time. The family got an earful today. One of the team told them they should be ashamed. They wanted me to let Jim Rest In Peace! I told them,” why the hell didn’t you listen to me and my brother when for yours we begged you for help, that’s why we’re mad at you!” Silent phone after that. We’re almost there. Wish us luck. Not sure how this is going to play out. I have one that wants to keep him in the freezer so we can see him and make sure he’s still dead. Others are more creative.


  1. Kevin, Beyond the anger what is the first thought? When you allow yourself to think outside the anger and pain , you will know what is best for you to do. We all have our opinions, but didn’t live your hell with him. Take the girlfriend out of the equation and your answer will be right in front of you. What you’re going through is a bitch…But always remember what is right..Is to do what is right. Did my psychology just come out there or what.

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