So. The things we learn…

Having DID, or as Inlike to call it my “logistics and support team”, does give me an unfair advantage over most folks. Let’s face it. I can multi task with the best of them. Unfortunately, the same gift can be a terrible affliction when it allows a you to see through the dog of bullshit that most neurotypicals try to present as sanity.

My brother, whom I will not name here because we do love him has informed us the tough a third party that his life is better without us in it. He is including Gene in this group. I am being grouped into the same sick genre as HIM?!?! If that’s how Ashley feels then so be it. I will never ask him for a damn thing ever again, but would never refuse him anything. It’s breaks us apart inside when this happens. Kevin is freaking out because we have to go and see to the badtards arrangements and affairs alone now. He was supposed to come! We had to make mucho arrangements to pull this off and we even had to make a miracle or two happen. I won’t rely on Jim ever again. Do what you say damn it! That’s one thing DRW always did right!

The day will come for the reckoning that is to be. For when that day comes we will be ready and never defeated. They think hey all got away with it. I know. I remember. I never forget. The reaper is coming.

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