OH Shit. The truth hit the fan,.,

Well. I am in the land of coal and welfare. It is a beautiful state. But that’s not why we came now is it. So, we were able to see a family member that had answers. Answers that we weren’t expecting or wanting. However answers that were truth.

They say the truth sets you free? It sure is the alters. They have good reason though. The crap we found out today is absolutely horrid. We feel like our entire life was built on a lie. Who the hell are we now?!!!!

I don’t know how to handle this. My mother in law came with me since my brother couldn’t bear to make the trip. Thank for that. I am completely paralyzed now. I want to stay in this hotel room for the next several years till I can wrap my head around this. Telling me we lived on Jupiter would have been easier to believe and digest.

Now for the anger at the still living!! What the hell! Y’all knew about this crap and even when we were telling you, begging you for help you didn’t do anything. When we exhibited every sign of abuse you did nothing. When we tried suicide many times, you did nothing. No one did shit. Now you want to be mad at me because I am angry and I should just get over it? It’s in the past?? Not for me motherfuckets!!! I still see, smell, and feel that shot like it was today. I do every day. I never sleep more than a couple hours in one place. I always sleep on the edge of the bed. I have never had a healthy relationship with ANYONE!! So guess what. FUCK YOU ALL!!! I loved you. You were my family. Thanks for fucking nothing. Jimmy, your not dead yet! I don’t know how you sock fucks can sit there and let a child, my ch less children suffer like this and then join the abusers in blaming everyone Tom the child!!!!! Rope and a tree anyone? How about a tammimmi car park in Khabarovsk and a dull sword on a Friday afternoon. That’s too good for the likes of y’all. Heads up. We’re not done. This will not stay in the closet anymore. Get ready. Larry’s in town bitches!

2 thoughts on “OH Shit. The truth hit the fan,.,

    1. We’re the real Kevin. At least that’s our opinion. That’s still up for grabs. I take care of people that fuck with us. We found out this started in diapers. Can you believe that shit.


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