The Secret is the Power!!!!

As you know we have been dealing with it’s death. Kevin went to see it today and we haven’t felt him since. We found ourselves in front of the cold storage where they’re keeping it.

We have learned the UG was also a cruel and hateful being. What we don’t understand to this day is why Kevin’s cousins are so dead set on keeping the secret? Are they ashamed because they let a little boy get victimized for years? Are they feeling guilty about ignoring his pleas for help? No. The answer is much simpler than that. They were keeping the secret. This makes them as culpable as the things that did it all. Maybe they were involved? Who knows. We don’t have too many memories about these times or people. We learned today he got ahold of the neighbor boys too. Wow. It was an indiscriminate hateful entity.

We have a plan to purge this poison. We’re go8mg to take away the power. We’re going to expose it all. Talk shows, TV, newspapers, and now we know what the book is going to be about. How a. Much of damn heartless inbred hillbillies could wreck a baby boy so bad his mind split into many little pieces. Anyone! I mean anyone who was affiliated, had knowledge of or even just didn’t listen to that boys cries for help. When they knew. They will all be put front and center for the world to see. Maybe we can save just one.

Be put on notice. You know who you are. You thought keeping someone with you or hiding from us would save you and allow you to pull off this travesty. We’re smarter than that. That would accomplish nothing. We know what it’s like to be hurt, beat, berated, humiliated, sodomized, photographed, mocked, and tortured. We would never do that to anyone. We will however bring it all into the light. We have no secrets. Kevin can be open with the world about us. Can you be open with the world about what you have and are doing? We shall see. I told you I was here earlier. You didn’t listen. Kevin is hurt. Now it’s our turn. Hold onto your ass. The storm is coming. PS Bitches. Have a nice damn day! Larry

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