So, I have another son I didn’t know about. Who died. Didn’t know that either.

So, We didn’t know about this till we got home. When we were driving back evidently Jeff was driving, LOL😆😆 if you know Jeff you know what I mean!

Anyways an old friend of mine who is a self professed and practicing lesbian, and us have been chatting lately. She looked us up after 12 years. Yes, I know what your wondering. Yes, we had a one night thing. We were really good friends. What can I say. I’m not apologizing.

When she first turned up Larry’s first response was, “get ready for the reaming we’re about to take for this kid!”

After talking for a week, starting the day we left, she never said a word to us. Then on the drive back she tells us she was pregnant and lost the baby at 22 weeks. WTF??? Why then hell didn’t I know sooner? I could have done anything to help. But we get this driving at 80 stoned as hell out of state and alone.

As you can imagine we have dealt with this heavily. She won’t be doing this to us anymore. Is it just or was it completely inappropriate on so many levels. This would be messed up in every realm of the multiverse and even in a bad Harry Potter remake. Thoughts???? Was I too harsh?? Should we have let Kevin deal with this as it came? Don’t know.  Larry


So   If you read above   You know that I have another son claimed by a completely preventable illness that is caused by the food we eat    My son, who died at 22 weeks, was taken because the mother host was suffering from PCOS  an autoimmune disorder that causes cysts on the ovaries    What they don’t tell you is it’s found mainly in overweight women with a highly processed and meat based diet.   Most women who adjust to a plant based diet can not only stop buy reverse the disease    I had a son killed by a neferious disease caused by our own kind and totally reversible    Wow   Kevin


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