The Corporations Are Murdering Us All!

How many times do we feel marginalized by those with the money and power? Did you know that the majority, actually over 90% of the wealth in the United Stars, and the world actually, is controlled by one family? Before you laugh and quit reading this conspiracy theory crap, WAIT ONE BIT! Listen to how your life can be yours without trying! Take charge of your health, your children’s health and outlive your juniors! Why all this hype? The connection is more than tenuous between Bod Corporate and Healthcare. This is no accident. This is good business!

Ok, so you all think I am crazy! We will address this later. So let me give you the cliff notes here and we will look further into it as we go. The number one market and associated verticals is without a doubt the healthcare markets. The options are absolutely endless. The associated verticals are also exploding with the latest 20 year studies now coming to conclusion. Simple. We’re sick and getting exponentially worse by the day. That’s not theory. That’s cold ass statistics. I had a professor once who was a degenerate gambling junkie. He always said one thing was certain. Statistics. They were the mathematical record of history. And as we all know, mathematicians are pretty smart and very accurate. He was a history professor. This is why as we know we study history, to predict the future. Same reason we have statistics. We are all a statistic on-a corporate scorecard. Moved around as pawns. Serving the kings. How do they keep,us in check you ask? If we are the 90% numbers themselves should dictate we would be the ruling class. Think again.

Let’s examine the facts. The ruling classes represent less than one percent of the populations. They hold over ninety percent of the wealth. Not just money but wealth. Resources, indigenous to the land are now a number on a bank statement. Just as the minerals, the people too are a resource, just as cattle or corn. Other than labor, what resource could people be? How do the ruling class recover more of their money from us? How do they initiate such control that we don’t fight, even in the face of such overwhelming odds in our favor? Simple. They’ve been poisoning us for years. The food. They poison the food, which in turn makes us ill. We then turn to the same companies that poisoned our food for the cure. You bet they have it too! They get more money back by treating your diseases they caused with more chemicals that will require you to ingest even more chemicals. All this to get the money back into the ruling class. They have also figured out we’re cheaper when we’re younger. So we die younger. Get sick younger, get dependent younger, stay just over broke feeding the insurance. Companies, that feed the doctors that get fed by the big pharma groups that get fed by the beef council, dairy council, and other groups that are all governed by the ruling class. Keeping you sick, paying out, and under control. Ever wonder why they don’t get diabetes at 21 or no matter what the eat they look great??? The food.


Tune in tomorrow when we will look at in detail the link between food and disease.


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