More often than not, we all, this includes you too,  tend to dwell and toil in the negative or less than serene fragments of our lives.  We stress and fret, and force ourselves to run the “hamster wheel” every day.  Why?  I am not sure.  Please send me an email telling me this so that I can retire early in the style I’ve been unaccustomed to!  However, we as people tend to put upon ourselves this enormous amount of pressure and unrealistic expectations.  We try to generate a life around us that imitates what we have been lead to believe will make us “happy”.  We struggle to grasp the most basic, and primal instincts, we fight being human and we have lost our humanity.

Why do we feel the need to always have more?  Why is it when most folks make more “money”, and I use that term loosely,  that they actually accumulate less in savings, compound their anxiety and stress, and slide undoubtedly into this vicious catch 22 that makes us repeat the same behaviors again?  Why do we feel the need to continuously seek wealth and riches to lessen our stresses?  We have to come to remember one thing… If we allow the quest of cash to control our existence we have now become a slave to another master by our own choosing.  We are giving up time with our families,  losing pieces of our soul, trading it for the power to have the things were told will make us happy.  The sad thing about all this, we believe it.

The futile search for happiness and security through the ingestion of propaganda and lies is nothing new.  We have been fed these ideas since the dawn of time I imagine.  In somewhat recent history, say the last 3000 years or so, the quest for happiness was a journey made through service to the church.  WOW.  I am going to be happy for eternity because I serve something completely intangible and unquestionable by its very design.  Have you ever asked yourself why intelligent life forms would fall for such deceptions?  Because were afraid fo the unknown, we will journey to the insane just to make ourselves less afraid of whats to come, death.  Death comes, to us all.  OK, once we accept that as a truth, then we can get on with the rest of things.

We as humans, members fo the global community of man WANT to be deceived.  The majority of people in modern times have been brow beaten by the ruling class into belief that we need to serve them.  We need to trust them.  Our running class sets the  standard for us all don’t they?  So we strive to please, serve, and have a much needed sense of community.  We become the very thing that contradicts the truth meaning of freedom; We lose our individualisim.  This is the desired effect.  We fall for it.  The quest for things, means a quest for “money”, and most will sacrifice their families first to attain what they believe will make them happy.  All we are truly doing is enslaving those who wish to keep us in this state of chaos.  Chaos is the smokescreen for which anything can be hidden.

So, for all my ramblings, how does any of this relate to making your own happiness? Good question, lets explore this.  Lets look at a couple fo things.  A great man once said, “The degree of civilisation in a society is revealed by entering its prisons.” –Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  If you look in the prisons today, especially in civilized western cultures, you will find more violence, drugs, and crime, than you would in the streets.  We all know this.  This is not a newsflash, yet we actually perpetuate this through indirect policies and actions made by our leaders to perpetuate the agenda.  Most people end up in the justice system, at least in the western world,  under different circumstances.  Most would call these circumstances “choices”, however the truth is they are simply following the path laid out for them.  Victims, not perpetrators in most cases.  The truly ironic here?  In most cases, even in the harshest of prisons, most inmates will begin to look inside themselves, and actually find it.  The methods vary, however the reasons for this enlightenment are loosely the same.   They have limited need for monetary gains.  In most cases inmates work, earn, and live without regard to their material surroundings.  Small pleasures become large, minute changes in behavior can become profound, and therefore can be built upon.  This is the true nature fo rehabilitation.  This is not punishment.  Today we have deteriorated into a state of punishment.  The bringing  of retribution to those who cannot afford to defend themselves to perpetuate a monetary machine. Incarceration is now used in civilized countries as an oppressive threat machine, to those who cannot afford to buy their way out.

So, why is it that people on death row can be serene?  They have accepted their life, and make the most of the humanity they have.  WOW.  We spend more “money” housing and caring for those we say are the worst in our society, and then rehabilitate them!  Why?   That, is  an easy one.  The longer they sit in prison, the more publicity for the threat machine is created.  Thats really it isn’t it.  The threat of death, the threat of losing this “perceived” freedom and liberty we all pursue.  Remember it says that all men shall have the right to the pursuit of happiness and liberty, not actually have it!  Once we realize that we CAN be in control of our lives; Once we learn how our decisions can be our own, we can all simply take the power back and own it.  But that is really the key here!  you can only own YOUR power.  The quest to have power over others is evil on its own.  To have control over another living thing os to take their life into yours.  You give your control to those you seek to emulate, and slave to serve.

What does ti mean to own your power?  Simple. This is a simple, yet not, plan that I will detail here. You DO NOT have to pay, call a 900 number, read a book, or even leave your home.  You DO, need to accept accountability for YOUR life.  YOU have to be personally responsible for your decisions.  You have to own your own death, today!  This does not mean suicide, so stop that!  This simply means that no matter what happens to you from this point on, you HAVE a say in it!  You can own every part of your happiness starting today!  Right Now!

The key to controlling your happiness is simple:  Once you realize that you are a complex multi faceted, intelligent creature, you can make your own choices.  That is it.  Making choices for YOU!  What does that mean?  you do not have to own anyone else’s choices, unless you Gove them that power.  You have to realize that to someone.  This can be accompilshed many ways, and in our society is almost fundamental  today.  However, you can take control over much more than you allow yourself to!  You do not have to be driven by outside forces  to attain things you don’t need.  You don’t have to believe you are less because you have less”money”.  You don’t have to measure your Wirth against anyone else.  Why do we have to monetize everything we touch?   I really feel this is core at the issue.  We have allowed our leaders, out of the ingrained desire to serve, to lead us into invisible bondage and hardened captivity.  The prisons are full of people whom,  will tell you, they can be happier incarcerated than free.  Why you ask?  incarceration is an honest prison.

As we have lived most of our life, in a prison so constricting and suffocating, we actually became “We”.  The thought of taking control and allowing ourselves to be happy is downright frightening.  Fear os the desired effect of our society.  The more the populace fears, the more the populace runs to the rulers for safety.  This dynamic is played out daily on the family level.  We call it abuse.  The use fo fear to control spouses, children and other family members.  Why is its we need fear to govern, even the smallest group like our own families?  Why would you WANT to make those you love, fear your wrath?  Why can’t we become humans again and govern with respect, dignity and love?  I seem to remember somewhere ” you catch more flies…..”  Do we not all learn somewhere that to be good, is to be kind?  Do we not buy or conscience,  through completely impersonal “Charitable” givings?  We never engage those that have not evolved to our level of “accomplishment” directly.  We choose not to engage with any or most humans not in our comfort zone.  We segregate ourselves again based not on cultural differences, geography, pr even languages.  We segregate based on socio-economic status.  Wow, we allow someone else happiness to determine our own.  We slave to serve them , so we can be given enough power, one “dollar”,  at a time.  We don’t even receive anything worth value.  Slips of paper, or nowadays, just a number on a screen.  We don’t even get paid a check any more.  Our entire lives reduced to a number in cyberspace somewhere.  Wow.  We judge each other and ourselves using a moniker that isn’t even tangible.  This very concept is the  root of it all.  We have become so used to being slaves, trying to escape the black hole fo existence, we have lost ourselves, and the only thing that’s really worth anything, our legacy.  We are now sacrificing our families as well as ourselves.  When we lose that connection to our family, we are truly lost.


When you grasp YOUR power.  When you learn to control YOUR power.  When you realize you not only have the choice to own your life, instead of trading it off to the highest bidder, you then can truly be happy.  We all need to open our eyes and remember that it is not a country, a government, a priest or any other person that commands control, you can begin to see the truth: We are a singular human kind.  We are only controlled by those we give the power to.  We can live today.  Tomorrow is never a certainty.  We need to start changing our lives today, first with ourselves and our loved ones.  The truth of love is unconditional acceptance.  If we can begin to accept ourselves as we are, we will begin to thrive an individual.  This transcends into the family, and then on and on through time.  We will become more than we are, taking our energy to new levels trough time.  As we teach this to our children then they pass it on, as we do the teachings of violence and oppression that are so popular today.

So, in conclusion, take control of your perceptions of what your life should, put your family first by teaching them that being better is more about being good and kind, than being rich and famous.  Strive every day to work harder at these principles, and YOU WILL SUCCEED.  You will surpass everyone you know in all things, when you can learn how to truly be in control.  You will be the master of your destiny, future, and even the way you deal with the issues of the past.  You will make YOUR choices.

We will begin to examine how the choices we make as humans can effect others somehat unpercieved,  in future postings.  we belive that we truly are a global community, and that we should take our humanity seriously.  To do disregard it is silly.  The cause and effect of monatized decions in our world has contributed to our current police state.









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