Gaining Identity through Exi-Sential Balance

We have focused greatly on our opinion of the Existential ideology, and how that applies to the consciousness of our humanity, but also allows us to power our own freedom through true choice in actions.  Admittedly, we believe that an Existential attitude towards our day to day lives is preferred; this cannot however be the only foundations for successful living.

We believe that too many philosophies, theologies, and other theories for understanding the inherent emptiness that mankind endures, fails o compensate fo rate reality, that we live in a rational world.  Existence and Essence must peacefully co-exist, to allow our complete beings to grow.  To stifle one side or the other, this to cripple both.

Thus the term, Exi-Sential, is born.  An abomination to the English language, that is very limited on its face, Existential-Sential is to have a harmony between both realms of consciousness; The Existential, and the Essential.  For true harmony in the rational plane, mankind must first find balance and harmony in himself.  This is journey that leads us to transcending all of the freedom and power stored in our subconsciousness, to the hear an d now.  Bringing the questions of purpose and reason finally to rest.  Allowing us to answer questions from our children with an honesty never before known.


Identity for many, is something they have never known.  We are taught to believe as our caregivers teach us.  We as children, even pre-birth humans in their mothers womb, are absorbing the stimuli they can sense in the world around them.  As external life moves forward,  the child only has the feelings, and sensory responses of his mother to carry with him to the terrifying reality we call life.  For a brief moment, try to fell yourself as a child, for whim most of his entire nine month life, he has been in a state of trauma.  Exposed to abuses or stresses.  This child now is a year old, or 22 months in existential age, has been in a traumatized state for a minimum of nearly half his life!

Try for a second now to take the same life, and expose it to positive and nurturing stimuli. WITHOUT the negatives.  How different would you be?  This is completely true for all of mankind.  We need to start raising OUR children with our GRANDCHILDREN in mind.  The ideas and experiences that pregnant mothers and infants have been thrust into,  can be totally horrifying at best.  We believe as we are pushed further into a monetized society, that as long as the child survives, the mother must soldier on.  We have removed the existential nurturing from both the mother and child, at a time when it is  required absolutely.

The formation of identity, begins to paintFor many people, identitfor an empty canvas, even before conception.  Even as the fears and anxieties of the mother are experienced in her own existence, these are stored in the most rational of places, our DNA.  The concurrence of such an existential puzzle piece, to be domiciled in the most scientific and rational of places.  Is this not just absurdity a the most basic levels!  Is the fact we carry with us the angst of our predecessors, our lifesavers, proof that we are all merely pieces in puzzle for which there is no solution?  Chaos os the definition of random, as are the lives we attempt in futility to bring order to in unbalanced ways.

Many people accept the identity thrust upon them without a moments hesitation.  Falling prey to the perceived safety of the herd. Our identity as humans is not complete without the nurturing and constant feeding of the existential being. As we learn to live in Good Faith, we balance the two filling the void, reducing the angst, and growing forward in time and space. Truly able to reach the vast potential we are capable of.


Many existentialist fellows, believe that the differences between perception, reality and consciousness are insignificant. The existential, or freed mind, can quite freely meld these stated of being. As we know, a persons perception is and can be that persons reality. If our consciousness perceives something as real, our mind will believe, therefore reality is perception. Regardless of the rationality of a situation, the creativity of the human mind is by far much more powerful.

Mankind has always struggled with the blurring of perception and hallucinations. Are hallucinations more than reflections of our unconscious being communicating with the conscious self? Are the phenomenon of the parapsychological field nothing more than unexpressed personality and angst captured and stored by the body and mind?

More times than not we have purposefully created compounds to “expand our consciousness”. Mankind in the struggle to explore then unknown corners of our hidden consciousness has waged wars and even sacrificed all to gain what they already possessed. Educated by our loved ones and society to stray further from individual identity to group autonomy.

Exi-Stensial Balance

When we learn to delineate between our Humanity, and our rationality, we can then begin to operate inside both realms bringing them together in balance. As we are able to exercise our freedom and grow as individuals, we can then use the purpose we sense to make choices and apply those choices as actions in the rational realm.

The discovery of harmony in a brought about through several journeys, outside of pure good faith. This is where we believe existentialism fails the common man. Even when man is shown existence and essence he will still run to the essential abandoning the existential for lack of a transitional theory bridging the two.

Most of mankind, through centuries of control, is born into an existential prison, much like “The Matrix”. However our prison is ultimately self imposed. We so easily succumb to enslavement rather than face the fears of the unknown.

In severe cases of trauma, children can expand their consciousness unknowingly to survive the trauma. The existential mind in an effort to survive and be free can segment, compartmentalize and even manage multiple personalities. This is all done with such efficiency, in most cases the host is oblivious to the obvious. How can we then fault the every day man for taking the path for which he knows the destination.

Application of Power

As we are now entering our journey to balance. We focus instead on individual choices, and living in good faith. How does this help us with or relationships? Work? Pay the mortgage? All valid questions. As short as time is in our society today, why would we sacrifice anything that has no immediately visible value? Who needs hippie psycho babble when the electric bill is due? Yes.

We have been raised to believe that selfishness is bad and generosity is good. We have been taught to give of ourself. To sacrifice in the name of the greater good. All true. However, before we can give of ourselves we need to have something to offer. We cannot give what we do not have. When mankind pushes forward and gives more than currently exists, the mind answers the call. The body will go further into debt to the mind.

The mind body relationship is critical. They represent the two realms of our lives. Our humanity and our reality. Exi-Sential balance again is critical. Many theories around the world plosives growth in modern psychotherapy is the lack of existential nurturing. Therapy is completely selfish. As we push further into rationality refusing our humanity the angst, hence anxiety, will continue to compound.

As we all make our journeys through time and space, we are all presented an endless array of situations of which to make choices. As we learn to make choices based on two basic principals, we are responsible and our decisions are completely our choices, we begin to truly live. We cannot become solely idealistic. We must, as much as it pains us succumb to living in the reality of time we now occupy. However, to neglect the humanity of existence is just as detrimental as starving the human body of nutrition.

True identity and a sense of fulfillment can only be achieved through the balance and Exi-Sential balance. As we learn to become one with ourselves, we will all learn to become more than the body we’re trapped in. We can transcend time and space, we can harness a power only few have. We can come become a whole, in a world consumed with pieces.

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