So, just a quick note…..

We are in the process of trying to update our website. We are not getting too much support from the system for other reasons, but needless to say I suck st it. Lol. If there is anyone who is familiar with WordPress and would like to give us a hand, we would be grateful.

We are also looking for folks that would like to become part of the journey. This is hard for us as sharing is not on our hot topics of things to do, as far as system goes. We are trying some growth out for size. Again, no pressure. Any assistance is appreciated. Things are getting busier and we have had quite a few suggestions for content. We just want everyone to find what they need.

More of an advanced level meeting place for the batshit crazy, and those silly enough to love them.

Drop me a note anytime on various platforms

Line: 9046178850


Thanks again.


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