a note from me, brian.

So, we just read an article about how to respond to blog comments. Wow. We didn’t honestly know that there was a protocol for this. Can we just say we suck at it. We are so sacred to typically insult people, that we are just happy you didn’t hate it and took the time to say something. So out of a fesr of being rude, we just suck at it. Please if you have found this offensive we are truly sorry. But we don’t see this changing too much. So please always feel degree to express whatever you like. But we are more likely to respond in private just because we are like that. And that’s ok too. So. Sorry. Mostly.

Btw. It’s your reads and comments and questions that makes us want to write. It means so much to us when we see activity. It’s like you know we’re all here. so please. Don’t think we’re rude. Sorry



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