Sorry, Not Sorry about the Alters.

Today has been a shut day on so many levels. Honestly, most of it our own making. Damn, we hate that. When we realize we usually make it worse all on our own. Today is no exception.

For personal reasons, let’s say my personal life is a train wreck. Again, not too surprising, neither is the fact that we can wreck almost anything. We take the whole “drive it like you stole it”, a little bit too far sometimes. but that was just the first part of the day. The afternoon was yet to materialize.

We have been sitting on the sofa, for what seems an eternity, supervisions our daughter in online school. Aaliyah is autistic in case you didn’t know. We do. It sit on top of her. But we are there when she needs us. Still, we do pretty good most times. We keep each other going. Times have been a little rough this year, and we want to be the best we can for her.

As we sit there, she says “daddy, look there are kids in the classroom!” How could this be? Schools aren’t allowed to have classes yet! So we get up and walk over to her desk, and sure enough there they are. About half a dozen kids sitting in class. At first we were excited! We must have not gotten the message is all. Looks like the kids are back in class. Was I terribly wrong.

And this starts a series of unfortunate events.

We send a message to her teacher, he says he was surprised too. He knew nothing of it, but it wasn’t all kids. Just these kids right now. Our system did not accept this answer as even remotely acceptable. Especially Larry. We now switched.

Now for my singlet readers. Sorry. But I don’t have the desire or energy to do all the translation. Not to be rude.

We are sitting again on the sofa, but Aaliyah is out of school. last we had looked at our watch it was 1239. It was now 1530. We were covered in sweat. Our clothes soaked through. Wearing all black. I live in Thailand. It’s hot. All the messages from my phone and call history are wiped clean, and my girlfriend is blowing up my phone. What the hell happened? I thought.

We answered the phone, and we find out Larry, once again has entered into my life like a fine point sledgehammer. He has proceeded to travel to the school, and rip into most of the school, including a director and two board members. Words like discrimination, litigation and Covid violations were used. So all in all, not too bad for a Larry outing. We weren’t in jail, homeless or in a bar for a month straight.

We can’t stop to think what happened though. What would cause us to owe our shit like this. They said he was so mad, he was shaking. Even this is more emotion than he usually expends. He is more mean than mad. He likes the game. But this, was something else.

Our next message was to her teachers. Apologizing and begging them. Not to expel her. We took the blame as far as we could as fast as we could. we ducked up, when talking to her teacher, we said” we are sorry for Larry and his behavior. Please don’t think bad of me for how We are”

We had already sent it. Shit. And now the question came to me from the teacher. It was such a polite and innocent question. It was as if, she was expecting me to say it was a typo, or even a nickname. We thought about lying to cover our ass, even yet again. Then we did something. We told the truth.

“Larry is one the thirteen people living inside my head. I have dissociative identity disorder.”

And there it was. The poor woman reading this must have been in a state of shock. We live in a country that still barely even knows what it is, and mostly they are taken to the temple for removal of a demon. This poor lady, but what I can do now?

We started to wonder why this was so triggering. We have been thinking about this a lot. Then it came to us. Clearly.

When we were writing to the teacher, we explained to her that we knew what it was like to feel different in school. We didn’t want that for our baby, and Larry was just responding to my emotional precursors. Wow. How crazy we must seem to her. Because that makes perfect sense to me.

The kids in class were the students of teachers. The teachers didn’t have anyone to watch their kids, so they just put them in the classrooms. About 12% of the student body. Larry took this as discrimination and prejudicial and just wrong. He commenced to hitting them with everything. Not physically but ethically and morally. We are in a Covid lockdown after all. He even went so far as to threaten television coverage. This is a private school. That would have been so bad.

For me. It wouldn’t bother me too much. I understand it. But I also get where Larry says that what’s good for one, is good for all. But the fact is Aaliyah doesn’t understand at her age, why she couldn’t be in class with her mates. She has been so lonely.

So as much as people want to eat on our system at times, they’re usually right. Even though I would have let it slide, I do not like confrontation. Larry does not fear, but encourages what he calls “Direct Conflict Resolution”. He has catch praises for all the things he does.

Am I wrong for not being all that angry at Larry? He scares me the way he does things. What’s even more, he almost always gets away with it. When he gets caught he just calls it “The cost of doing business”. Should I keep paying it for him?

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