Removing Fear From Survival

Trauma is when you experience anything that attempts to deprive you of freedom using fear. This can include emotional, physical, sexual, abandoned and humiliation tactics. It many cases these tactics are combined to produce the most profoundly affected people.

Most people become liked in the mental health system early on. Those who spend the most time with todays children, the teachers, are societies first line of defense. They are tasked with not only the teaching to children, but surveillance them in order to spot early on, what is sure to be a problem for society later in life. We believe they are not as much advocates, but foot soldiers in the war against trauma survivors.

We do not believe that modern society truly wants to dispose of child victims. The syndrome spreads far wider and deeper than anyone wants to believe. The only people that will truly admit, are those that are still breathing and have survived. In many instances it can take a lifetime for that discussion to come.

Trauma is all about power. The need to dominate by force. The need to feel strength by dispensing fear. There is no other explanation. For us, anything else falls into the realm of bullshit. So we refuse to process it any further.

Society has labeled us as many things. We have been lumped into the black hole, that is modern mental health. The same system that used to prescribe Electro Shock Therapy for such disorder from Pre Menstrual Syndrome , to Schizophrenia. Today we are given such labels as: Borderline, Multiple, Narcissistic, or some other personality disorder of the day. Many survivors lose faith in existence, forever hiding in the only safe space they have, inside. More tragic yet, the staggeringly high percentage of survivors that end up as a suicide statistic. Their suffering has ended, tragically so has their chance at life.

We are not sick. We did not catch this, we became what we needed to be to survive. If we are dramatic, it’s because we had to be. If we are erratic, that’s your opinion. We are the only true judges of what is good or bad for us. People who have never begged for death, lost hope for life without fear, people that only want to drug us to make us more like them! We do not care anymore what you think.

Sorry, we get a bit emotional about this. That’s ok too. Our system has done well and that’s amazing. We are not broken, not on a fundamental level. We reacted to external stimuli over a long period of time. According to Carl Sagan, “Evolutionary change can only be caused from external forces. Therefore there is no organic evolution, only a response to an outside stimuli”.

In other words Trauma Survivors are nit broken or sick, we are evolved. This is why we truly feel that the path forward does not involve trying to become more like the humans of the past. Maybe we should be looking forward, utilizing the skills we have learned and the knowledge we have been passed, to take humanity into the future. Not that we should change humanity, but that we should not have to change ourselves either. I think we should live free and openly. Shedding the fear of exposure to most of us would be uplifting in itself.

The fear of others learning of your “differences”, can be crippling. The stereotype used so often to sell movie tickets, paints survivors at best as mega-dramatic and suicidal, to completely psychotic and homicidal. Until recently we had not seen one positive portrayal in media. We were so impressed, we sought out the director and commended him. The scary thing about this media series? It’s Thai. In a country and region that barely acknowledges mental health, much less trauma, the result was good. My point here, trauma survivors are consistently portrayed in a far more negative way than positive. Trauma has been most recognized and studied in Western cultures far more than Eastern. Yet the ONLY positive portrayal we have seen was from Thailand.

How can we ever learn to live as free people, if we are continually made to feel as if the all the bullshit we heard as children, was true. We are bad. This is the cause if so many suicide. This is the reason so many of us isolate. We are afraid to be ourselves. We are scared that we are always the problem.


What better way to justify demonizing, and chemically restraining entire generations of victims. We become so discredited, when we reach out for help we are disbelieved by design. We are left as slaves to fear. Perpetual victims for a lifetime.

We truly believe that this has to change. The true face of trauma survivors must be seen. We are humans, with different ways of seeing things. We process our world from a very different perspective. Perspective as we all should know, defines how we see our reality. Just because we stand on a different level does not mean our view is any less accurate.

I want everyone that has endured the unimaginable to be proud. Stand tall, and do not be afraid to feel, and be who you truly are. We are all cape-able of existential freedom! We can all have the power to not only come to know who we are but to define why we are. Authenticity will always grant us power through absurdity. The power to paint our own canvas, to see ourselves as we are and as we want to be. There are no evolutionary boundaries that are unbreakable!

When we take the fear from Trauma, we are left only with facts. Trauma gets its power from fear. Fear of humiliation, of pain, fear of being abandoned, fear of having no worth or value to anyone. A survivor even if no loner in danger, will carry this fear always. We have to learn to face these fears. Fears faces are only unpleasant memories we can choose to ignore.

Remember one thing. There are so many of us, growing numbers by the day. The abusers continue to teach so many their ways of self validation, our numbers grow exponentially. The desire to chemically restrain us all using a mental health system that is nothing more than enforcement by another name. We should be allowed to live as we are made to be. We did not ask to be pushed further into existence in this way. We did however become stronger and different. Is this not the very definition of Darwin’s theory?

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