Blaming the Mentally Ill

Nothing has come to anger us more in life, than the shrugging of personal accountability. We have found it is those whom most want to cover their own like in the sand that place blame on the most vulnerable.

Recently we responded to a post on a professional platform about homelessness in America. The post referenced people eating out of a dumpster in West Texas. Almost immediately the issue was blamed on “ Mental Illness and the Mentally Ill”. Wow. Let’s not only marginalize half the planet, but mock and bully them at the same time. Let’s blame the worlds problems on the ones who cannot defend themselves. Great idea!!

It has never ceased to amaze me, how people almost instinctively pull back from someone with a mental challenge, but not Cancer; Or some other non-crazy disorder. People act as if we have a choice in the matter. More often than nit, crazy people started out normal, and were made crazy by “NORMAL” people. That’s just facts.

Why is it that shame blaming those who are almost always already victims, for the forced behavioral changes they never asked for; Is almost universally accepted and perpetuated?! It is accepted more openly today, than being racist

. “Oh my good that poor woman, to have a child like that! She must be so embarrassed, I pity her”

If you don’t see the ugliness here you are a part the problem.

The mentally Ill being homeless is because we have accepted it as a society. We will provide unlimited hospice or maintenance care to someone in a vegetative state, but try getting more than 72 hours in a half ass mental hospital if you don’t have stellar insurance. We want them homeless where we can blame them for whatever comes along. Drugs, or fly urban environments, lower property values, crime, a burden to our society.

We never look at yet these people are homeless. That’s the point. We never look at them. We call it someone’s else’s issue and we move on. People don’t want to see the ugly byproducts of their monetized society. The real price for putting overtime before family time. The real cost of the American dream, is the American children, and thus our future.

To blame homelessness or crime, or anything on the mentally I’ll is like saying my wife got pregnant because she sat on the bus with a man. It’s silly. Maybe we should focus on why people are homeless. What got them to this point. Nobody wants to be homeless, although many accept it. they get tired of being shunned, or kicked out and turned away. They begin to west the label, just like many were taught by their abusers. They take on the role of scapegoat all over again. Yea n many cases the rest-victimization goes much further. The acts of rape and torture are many times repeated, and never reported because agin this is “normal”.

Before any of us point blame for anything on anyone, we should first ask ourselves what we can do to immediately change the situation as an individual, for an individual. Don’t see a dirty crazy man, see a dirty man that needs a bath and a meal. Don’t see a beggar, see someone who lost hope and maybe just needs someone to believe in them. Sure. People will burn you. But is that any excuse to damage your own karma? Seriously ?

We are not our crazy, we are individuals who happen to be crazy. We’re ok with that. Since your not, don’t always blame your shit on us. We’ve had enough. We’re done carrying normal peoples baggage.

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