We wanted to introduce you to an upcoming, ongoing study into something well, fun. We have been able, not only as a Collective System, but as a confirmed, “Extremely Slutty Person”, as characterized by a popular online quiz!! 😂

We are of course speaking of the ability of two completely slutty people, to overcome their own baggage, and find a happy faithful relationship. We don’t mean to e kind where you hate to be faithful, and are always sneaking around being slutty. We mean where you have no desire to be slutty with anyone, but one person. The real beauty in this, we are even more slutty together now than before!

We have learned to accept our slutty selves. After all, slutty is a lot of fun. When doing this we found a way to deal with anything. The lights came on and we have been walking a path of unparalleled happiness.

Stay tuned for more. It’s about the most honest, enlightening and fun piece we have ever explored. Like and follow to be notified as editions come out. Even if your not batshit crazy, you may find that the answers you’ve been looking for in your relationship, are already in your……..grasp.


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