A little About Kevin(s)

They time has come for us to update some things, here we go……

Time has passed us now almost six years, since we began our journey in these words.  To say we are the same as we were, is a lie.  We are for more than we ever knew.  We are a system of many individuals.  Harmony we do not always have, but a growing respect fro each other, and our roles to play in  the system.  We are  Kevin L Painter , and we are plural.

We have been diagnosed as many things since age six.  But the theme of just crazy as shit always remains.  We couldn’t tell you where we grew up, most of us do not even know what that means.  Many of us are frozen in time, even though our journey in space continues.  We are bound to a body, that we must at times direct the actions of, and make choices for as a collective singularity.   Even with somewhat polar controlling interests, we now understand that we were never crazy, never bad, and it just was not our fault.

Now we move onto a new volume in our recently granted freedom, our first true dance at a life of our own.  We no longer seek reasons, or excuses about what happened to us.  We do not require apologies or sympathy; We do however demand respect and safety.  We are no longer a huddles group of children, trying to figure out who and what would be our next gauntlet.  Would they ever love us, and what did we do to deserve this.  This days are gone.

We choose to share our journey, as we feel we are the better for it.  Maybe you will be too……