This blog is dedicated to all who have DID/MPD.  This is only for the bodies, alters, and families and friends of folks who are blessed with more personality than most.  All opinions here are my own and I am in no way licensed to do more than drive a car, and not always that well!  So please do not think I am a therapist or other health care fruitcake!  I am batshit crazy as the rest of you.  I just feel that we can work together and somehow educate our close ones to how we can ALL live together better

I am a former oil and gas professional, whom is currently walking the path through DID. I DO NOT feel that we are possessed, afflicted, broken, strange, nuts, bad, dangerous, psychotic, or any of the other things that people think when they think about DID.

Were not the movies or TV shows, were walking amongst you right now!  So don’t treat US different just because we have a coping skill,  you do not understand.