Integration, Existentially Re-defined

In reading this piece, certain things should be a given. Various facts that relate to being plural, are just that, facts. We are not here to debate the validity of Multiplicity; We are here to redefine one of the most controversial topics in plurality, Integration. Integration, on its face value seems fairly self explanatory. As … Continue reading Integration, Existentially Re-defined

My Alters Are Not Crazy, I Am

For as many years as we can remember, the feeling like we were very different, was always there. Maybe not the conscience knowledge of a particular issue, but the unthought-known, something was certainly "special" about us. The almost predictable ridicule and bullying we experienced though our early years, till our post adolescent years, was certainly … Continue reading My Alters Are Not Crazy, I Am

Redefining Identity, After Complex Trauma Part II

So many of us that suffer from PTSD/cPTSD, and other associated trauma diagnosis, have no idea at all who we really are.  We only have the misinformed ideas we were taught at such young age.  Many of these ideas, contributed to the trauma, or did nothing more than reinforce the negative perceptions we have about … Continue reading Redefining Identity, After Complex Trauma Part II

Fear of Expressing Needs

Perhaps the most difficult thing for us, and we believe many others like us; is the ability to express our desires.  A most basic human need and function.  Without expressing our desires, we rarely are able to satisfy our existentiality.  One of the fundamentals of being human, is our individuality.  Our desires are not just whims, to be catered … Continue reading Fear of Expressing Needs

Why Science Fails Trauma Survivors? There is No Humanity in Science.

Introduction We wanted to take a minute, to let you in;  the consumer, to understand for just a glimpse, the struggles and tribulations,  trauma survivors, being us, endure.  If you have read any of our other pieces, you will know that our journey, has been filled with regrets, failures, anguish, and also resounding moments of … Continue reading Why Science Fails Trauma Survivors? There is No Humanity in Science.

My First Memory……

As this journey progresses, we will visit items and places both fond and frightening to us.  You will experience not only the feelings of the "front",  but the balance of our pieces as well.  This can be a daunting task for those who think in two or even three dimensions.  Take yourself outside your body, … Continue reading My First Memory……

The Sanity of Madness

Good Day everyone!   We have been gone for a bit.  Things have been very rocky the last few weeks since Gene passed.  The alter reunion tour has been charging on whether they  needed to or not!  We hae been learning a lot about not only ourselves, but our current IRL family.  More importantly how the … Continue reading The Sanity of Madness

What a hell of a Holiday Week!

Things have been exceptionally strange this week.  We usually have thanksgiving with Tammy's family usually in East Texas, occasionaly here.    This year with all the crazy goign on and some other things that we cannot say yet,   we did not do the whole in-law thing this year.  I am actually pretty relieved, seeing as … Continue reading What a hell of a Holiday Week!