Hey there intent demon!  Just wanted to drop in on this thing and let my presence in the world be known!  Its not fair that the others get all this airtime and I get shoved in the closet. they keep talking about all the stuff they do and I can’t even goo out for a coffee from time to time!  I wish we cold just go back and start over most of the time.  Things in this life don’t seem like they will get any better and as we all know the afterlife is simply that, after life, death!  Its coming to us all.  we will spend more time sleeping in peace and tranquility that fighting everyone here in this life.  That I KNOW I am right about.   Things are all going to end up the same for us all so why do we make everyone into these giant douchebags?  we turn our children into these programmed from birth robots designed to further the dominance of the powerful families that really control the world. The illuminati, the riothscchilds, the like, all of them are concerned about keeping you the sheep in your pen and following the one in front if you!  all they want us to do is eat, shit, and die.  were slave labor born into the reality of slavery by another name.  They feed us their poisons, the government sells us, makes it law for us to keep adding poisons tho the children bodies in one form or another.  All of this so they can now not only make you eat MORE poison but so they can ow feed you poison from both sides.  have you ever wondered why the fastest growing industries is healthcare?  The population is actually stabilized and is shrinking in this country among certain social classes.  The ruling class doesn’t want middle class American whites to be come educated and rise.   They want us to stay in the working, middle class.  The minorities and the blue collar workers are right where were supposed to be.  We will never attain the life thats dangled to us from birth, dangled to all Americans, a phallusy that makes u alive and breathe.  The ultimate proverbial carrot.  it is this reason that parents have sacrificed their children over and over to achieve this unattainable goal.  They will neglect them, leave them in the care of strangers every day!   even when they font have to work!  they feed them poison because they have no time or even money to feed them. right.  They let nth schools and justice system raise their kids and then freak out when something DOES go wrong!  Duh!   raise your kids don’t farm them.. thats what we do now, we farm raise humans just like we do meat!  Why do you think were so fucked up!  We take hormones and antibiotics to keep us healthy from all the hormones and antibiotics they put into the meat! and dairy!  Why is that the government KNOWS, has proven this and still forces us to inject into our bodies???  FUCK THEM, if I am going to doe its on my terms, not theirs.  All this to keep us enslaved and destitute.  We are a civilization of slaves serving only them, asters our parents served, and theirs before them.  Feeding the beast as it grows like a cancer in our homes and schools.  Victimizing every child as they’re born, issued a number, injected with vaccines, and fed formula right off the bat from day one.  When everything the person needs is already provided by the earth.  We don’t need to hurt any animal, or person to survive.  All we need is each other and a little bit of compassion and a desire to live for each other instead of slaving for the handful of people that oppress and always have .



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