The Big Pharma and Me Dilemma..

Hey there,

Thank you for reading this post.   We are really trying to decide if medicaiton is the route to go, and here is why…     Many years ago, Einstein wrote this:” The doctors of the future will use food as their medicine!”  We are living proof of this!   Kevin took himself off of all 28 meds that he was taking daily for different things, hypertension, Cholesterol, hypothyroidisim,  Low T,  and the biggee..PAIN NARCS,  lots of them!.  We did this cold turkey, and together!  This was not a fun week!

Now that everyone can see that we are a team and not an eccentric, shy, timid, jerk, and everything else!, they want ot put us on psycotropic meds again!  Now the facts:  Since the bidy has been purged of all the poisons pushed ny the medical community,  and we have cut out all animal from our diet, our labs have been perfect!  We feel better, and of course we are all coming out and reaking havoc from time to time!

My point being, we dont need to be medicated to be in society!  We are ALL people too!  A person isnt only allowed to have a single car, why cant there be noore than one driver for the car too!   We are all individuals working towards a common goal!  If the masses refuse to try and understand, tehn let tehm.  The only reason tey try to medicate everyone so heavily that has a mental “difference”, is because people fear what they themselves dont understand or are familiar with!  So, they have only one personality and that makes us strtange!  Why should our abundance of charachter and wisdom be stifeld by chemicals that are put into our bodies!  I have worked in teh plants that tmake these drugs.  We have to go through weeks of training every year just to walk through the gates!   The chemicals are not safe at all!  the drug companies dont want to help us, they want ot make money!

Food,  I truly believe that food is the key ot a healthy body!  Eliminate the poisons and the rest will come.  I am not saying you will never die!  I am saying that you will most likely die much older unless something catastrophic happens!  If you watch the video “What the Health, and “Forks Over Knives”, you will see what I mean.  I am a self professed carnivore who loves meat, BBQ, chilli cheese fries and all that comes with it!  But I like feeling this good too!  I have an alter that will not get on bored, but were trying!

So, there you have it, my opinion of pharmaceuticals.  I am not saying theyre all bad, but I think in the modern world where the dollar is the principal driver for everything, its bad!



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